Official Reveal - 2015 Subaru WRX STi

Here, I will be providing real time updates of the conference for anyone who cannot get access to the stream:

9:55 Commercials are still playing

9:56 The conference is counting down. Here we go!

An introduction is playing showing snippets from Subaru's motorsports events in the past.

Director of Corporate Communications Michael McHale is introduced.

He's talking about three letter acronyms he enjoys (BBC, NFL, etc.)

Tom Doll is coming out to talk about the new STi.

Talking about the history of the STi.

Talking about the 2004 intro of the STi in the US.

Talking about STi competition victories.

"A new chapter is about to be written"

The STi is introduced. 305 hp turbo boxer with a 6 speed, DCCD, VDC with active torque vectoring, best power to weight ratio in its class.

The STi is revealed with a video.

An exhaust note is heard...and a silver STi is rolled onto the stage.

It has a dark grey version of the gold BBS's seen in the photos leaked before and sunroof. Probably a premium.

Introducing the WRB launch edition STi with only 1000 units and 3 month availability. This is the one that was leaked. It has the gold BBS wheel package.

Travis Pastrana will be rejoining Subaru Rally Team this season.

It will hit dealerships in April. Pricing not yet finalized, but it will be in line with the outgoing model.

It has 16% less body roll.

13.0:1 steering ratio.

Best handling, best performing STi. Ever.


All new exterior, 2.5 L 305 hp-boxer engine, LED headlight system, new grill, deeper front spoiler, new hood scoop, large wheel arches, aerodynamic panels underneath of the car, interior is redesigned - more mature, red inserts, red stitching, flat bottom steering wheel, electro-luminescent gauges, 6 speed, DCCD (SI Drive), rear seats are roomier and more comfortable, wing produces a lot of downforce and top speed is 164 mph, quad tail pipes with the rear diffuser giving a better coefficient of drag.

END of the press conference.

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