Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge - A New Contender

Every few years, there comes a car that makes the everyday enthusiast say "Wow, that's one for the books." It is a car that is unlike anything else in it's class, and aims to squash any and all competition. Lexus has their F line of performance vehicles, BMW has their M line, and Mercedes-Benz has AMG. Infiniti never really took part in competing with those cars. Sure, they had the G37X-S, which was an AWD "high performance" version of their G37, but it wasn't up to par with cars such as the ISF, M3, and CLA-45 AMG.

Until now.

At the Geneva Auto Show, Infiniti has uncovered the heart of the Q50 Eau Rouge (previously revealed at the Detroit Auto Show). Before the unveiling, it was widely speculated to have below 500 horsepower and the average torque for a vehicle of its class. Nobody could guess that it would actually be powered by the legendary VR38DETT.

To anyone not following, this is motor out of the iconic Nissan GT-R.

Having such an amazing motor powering the 4-door sedan means that it puts down impressive numbers. The 3.8-L twin turbo V6 has a unique tune and is rated at 560 horsepower, which is 15 more than the 2015 GT-R. However, it does have 20 less torque at 443 lb-ft...which isn't disappointing by itself anyway. The power is sent to all four wheels via the GT-R's AWD system, and gears are shifted through the addition of a brand new seven-speed DCT.

Infiniti claims that, with Godzilla's DNA, the Q50 Eau Rouge is able to reach 60 mph from a standstill in under 4 seconds. Compare that to a time of 4.1 seconds for a 2014 M3, 4.3 for a 2014 CLA-45 AMG, and 4.6 for a 2012 ISF.

Sources tell that a version of the Q50 Eau Rouge will come to the US within the next 12 months. More info will be posted as we get it. This is one for the books, fellas.

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