2015 WRX: Official Reveal

The wrap has officially been taken off the 2015 WRX today at the LA Auto Show. The article from Car and Driver proved to be a real leak, and all the information in the previous post about the highly anticipated Subie was correct. To recap:

Engine: FA20DIT
Horsepower: 268 @ 5600 rpm
Torque: 258 @ 4800 rpm
Transmission: 6-speed manual, CVT w/paddle shifters
0-60 time: 5.4 seconds
Wheels: 17-inch alloy wheels
Tires: 235/45 R17 Dunlop Sport SP Maxx RT tires.

As you can probably deduce from the DIT at the end, it is direct inject. This means an increase in gas mileage, more specifically 21 city, 28 highway, and 24 combined for the 6-speed manual, and 19 city, 25 highway, and 21 combined with the CVT. The numbers for the CVT are the same exact numbers for the outgoing 5-speed WRX. It also features a new twin scroll turbo, which is the reason for it's increased gas mileage while putting out a hair more power than the outgoing WRX. The FA20DIT is also smaller than previous Subaru 2.0's.

The CVT transmission model has three available settings: intelligent, sharp, and sport sharp. This is similar to the DCCD found in the outgoing STi, but is something entirely new for the WRX. Subaru states that the WRX, when in intelligent mode, is capable of achieving 30 MPG. 30! If that number is true, that is truly incredible for this level of performance.

Each transmission has their own version of the Subaru AWD system. The manual option gets a coupling locking differential that results in a 50:50 torque split (front and rear) under normal conditions. When the traction system detects that a wheel is slipping, it applies more power to the wheel with the most traction.The CVT comes with something unique, called the Variable Torque Distribution (VTD) system. It employs the use of a planetary gear-type differential and an electronically controlled hydraulic transfer clutch that distributes torque. Most of the time, the torque is split at a ratio of 45:55, with the rear getting more for better handling. The VTD is so sophisticated that it continually adjusts the torque in response to driving conditions, steering input, and even g-force. This may mean that the CVT option, much like the Lancer Evolution MR, handles better around a track than its manual transmission version.

The WRX wheelbase is also an inch longer, allowing for well-needed improvements to the interior. Two inches of legroom have been added, and a larger trunk as well to enhance its practicality. New tasteful options are also available for order, such as Harman/Kardon audio, hands-free keyless entry, push-to-start, heated seats, and navigation. There is also a 3.5" LCD screen that shows various information such as gear, boost, climate control, and audio.

Subaru's LA Auto Show announcement can be seen here.

Shots of the interior show the new seats as well as the less cluttered dash. The quality is seemingly improved, but there is no way to tell without sitting in one of them. Check out the pictures below:

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 photo 2015-subaru-wrx_100446883_l_zps402e25cd.jpg

 photo 2015-subaru-wrx_100446886_l_zpsf26a9fa9.jpg

 photo 2015-subaru-wrx_100446889_l_zps74b371d6.jpg

 photo http---imagemotortrendcom-f-roadtests-sedans-1311_2015_subaru_wrx_first_look-63246048-2015-Subaru-WRX-cockpit_zps326a1222.jpg

 photo http---imagemotortrendcom-f-roadtests-sedans-1311_2015_subaru_wrx_first_look-61648093-2015-Subaru-WRX-interior_zps0558ba24.jpg