The New WRX Teased!!!

The WRX and STi are part of Subaru's lineup of high performance vehicles. Subaru takes from its rally roots and presents a much tamer version of the dirt-destroying and snow-plowing monsters to the general public. For years, they have given drivers like you and me the power to look at snow...and laugh, the power to look at mud trails and feel a passionate confidence that you won't wrap yourself around a tree. The iconic AWD coupled with the weight distribution of the flat four engines has proven themselves time and again as a force to be reckoned with both on the street and offroad.

Now, the third generation of the STi is reaching the end of its glory. The last of the orders for 2014 WRX/STi's ended on September 30th in order to make room for production of the 2015 model. With the recent unveiling of the concept WRX and the introduction of the FA20 motor through the FRS/BRZ, there is widespread excitement, disarray, and speculation as to what the 2015 model holds for us. It has become one of the most widely anticipated performance cars of the upcoming years, along with the Mazdaspeed 3 and Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution XI. 

And today, when I woke up, the anticipation increased. Ahead of the LA Auto Show, an official teaser of the WRX has been released by Subaru (pictured above).

Yes. You read it right.

Their description got me so excited that I got chills running down my spine. I think only an avid Subaru enthusiast would understand this feeling.

"Meet the all-new 2015 WRX. Everything from the chassis down to the lug nuts works together to give you jaw-dropping handling. It wasn't enough to simply turn your knuckles white; we wanted to keep them that way. This car not only moves you, but also accelerates us into the next generation of WRX. Nobody has ever built anything like it. Ourselves included."

In one word: yes.

Just yes. Subaru...yes. It seems like you've done it. I admit...when I saw the spy shots of the car in camo, I was really disappointed. But this...yes.

The teaser of the car, while being much tamer than the concept that was shown earlier this year, still looks aggressive and will definitely hold a menacing street presence. If what they say about the chassis and the whole "nobody has ever built anything like it" is true...then my anticipation for November 20th has just increased ten fold. means that this car is a hybrid (which it will most likely not be). I am very impressed by the front design, although the way the hood sits reminds me of an Evo 10. The signature scoop looks wider and more aggressive than previous generations and this begs the question as to what engine the turbo is powering underneath of it. Sadly, there is no mention of the STi yet.

 Simply put, I can't wait. And neither can you. Post your comments about this teaser in the section below.

Subaru's Teaser

Subaru's LA Auto Show Site

Edit: Here's a seemingly accurate picture of what it could look like. Maybe I spoke too soon...

Edit: There is now speculation that these pictures are actual leaks of the production 2015 WRX. 

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